One of my favorite challenges of traveling is maximizing my packing efficiency.  I work with one limitation: carry everything you pack.

This is my travel log of what I packed and efficiency evaluation notes, so that I can increasingly reach near-perfect efficiency.

Log (in month order)


Length of stay: 5 days
Weather: 30s-50s, rain, windy
Activities: Hiking, Casual, Sports
Clothes: 2 sweaters, 1 jeans, 1 joggers, 1 button-up, 1 thermal layer shirt, 1 basic tee, 1 sport tee, 1 running shorts, 1 neck warmer, 1 thin gloves
Shoes: 1 athletic shoes, 1 casual boots, 1 flip-flops
+ It was chillier and windier than I had anticipated, so the gloves, neck warmer, and inside thermal layer were great choices to pack lightly.
+ The sport tee and running shorts doubled as PJs during the beginning of the trip, since I saved the sports for the end of the trip.
– Super dry weather, so pack small bottles of lotion.
– Brought laptop, book, and notebook. No Kindle this time. Didn’t end up reading the book.
– Should have brought my lightweight down jacket for an inside layer.
– It was unexpectedly chilly enough that I had to pick up an extra sweater during the trip.

Length of stay: 2 days
Weather: 30s-50s, sunny, windy
Activities: Hiking, Casual
Clothes: 1 sweaters, 1 jeans, 1 thermal layer shirt, 1 sport tee, 1 running shorts, 1 neck warmer, 1 thin gloves
Shoes: 1 athletic shoes, 1 flip-flops
– Bring sunglasses because it will be very sunny! (while still being chilly)
– As of 2017, there is no ride sharing (e.g., Lyft, Uber) in Vancouver


Length of stay: 3 days
Weather: 30s-40s, windy
Activities: Hiking, Casual
Clothes: 1 sweater, 1 jeans, 1 thermal layer shirt, 1 sport tee, 1 running shorts, 1 neck warmer, 1 thin gloves
Shoes: 1 athletic shoes
+ Roadtripping makes over or under packing a lot easier, because you can always keep it in the car, or pick it up on the way.
– Bring change for tolls

Length of stay: 7 days
Weather: 30s-60s
Activities: Casual
Clothes: 2 long sleeve tees, 2 t-shirts, 2 jeans, 1 leggings, 1 shorts
Shoes: 1 athletic shoes
+ Very walkable city, so bring shoes to walk around in.
– Hit 30s in mid-March!



Length of stay: 5 days
Weather: 50s-70s
Activities: Business-formal conference, casual
Clothes: 3 biz attire, t-shirt, jeans
Shoes: 1 casual, 1 formal
+ Unlike other cities, traditional taxis may be a more economic option than ridesharing.
– Expect to walk a lot, so bring shoes that you can walk 12-15 miles in.



Sequoia National Park
Length of stay: 4 days
Weather: 40s-60s, Rain
Activities: Backcountry camping, Hiking
Clothes: 2 athletic leggings, 1 tank, 1 t-shirt, 2 thermal long sleeve, 1 sweater, down jacket, rain jacket, 6 socks
Shoes: 1 running
+ I ditched the hiking boots last minute because I wanted to get my pack as light as possible. The running shoes worked out perfectly for this trip mainly because our trail was relatively easy.
+ Bring enough Ziplocs to waterproof a change of clothes and electronics.  It rained from 2a-10p on our last day, and everything at and below my knees were soaked from walking through wet woods/plants/streams.
+ Pack clothes that will dry fast, from rain and sweat.
– I had 2 pairs of socks leftover after the trip –ideally, I would have packed just enough for what I needed.  But I’m glad I had extra rather than being stuck with wet socks.
– Everything is much colder when wet; I was shivering while hiking on the last day, even with all 6 top-layers on.
– Even though this is against camping creed, our last dinner’s food was stolen from the bear storage containers =(



San Francisco