In shocking news, the user experience for sharing music via Messages on MacOS is a very broken and segmented journey.

Step #1: Receive music recommendation on Messages.  Click on it.

I normally play music from my iPhone, except for this one time –and I embarked on a curious journey that inspired this post.


Step #2:

After I clicked the link, I landed at in Safari.  Say what?  🤔😯🤣  This action > event was so surprising and confusing that I had to exit out of everything and reproduce those sequence of steps to confirm that this was truly the flow.

  • Problem: Click link > Open iTunes in web browser at, highlighting  recommended song
  • Solution 1 (best scenario): Click link > Open iTunes in the background > Play song
  • Solution 2 (next best scenario): Click link > Open iTunes in foreground > Highlight recommended song


Step #3: So, I click the highlighted song’s link in iTunes in web browser… all I want is to hear this song, please.

  • Problem: Open iTunes > show album 🤔😯🤣 good luck.
  • Solution 1 (best scenario): Open iTunes to album > Play song of the clicked link
  • Solution 2 (next best scenario): Open iTunes > Highlight song of clicked link


This entire experience was baffling.  I did this flow 3 times to verify what was happening.

I suppose that most people would listen to recommended songs from Messages on their iPhone (great flow there, btw).  However, this experience gave me the impression that this user story (i.e., on MacOS) was not thought through.

Lastly, just for kicks, there is a bug in iOS –i.e., the extra empty bubble above the Apple Music link, when you share music via Apple Music > Messages (from an iPhone 5e to an iPhone 6s) 🙃

iOS bug: extra bubble

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