I’ve been on trip-booking sites a lot lately, which means that I’ve been experiencing the “death by 1,000 cuts” with trip-booking interfaces!  I’m surprised by how many of the sites below are non-responsive (e.g., Google Flights, AA, SW, United), even when the site is built up of tiles that would seem easy to move around.  It’s always such a relief when I encounter a deliberately thought-out interface, like Wanderu (posted below).

One of the simplest fixes that all booking sites should make today is assuming a one-way trip if the user does not include a return date, rather than throwing an error.

Great example of a beautiful, easy-to-use (few clicks, with reasonable assumptions) interface for booking a trip:

Wanderu assumes an outbound date of today and a one-way trip without a return date.
Google Flights assumes a 4-day trip, starting 2 weeks from today.
American Airlines assumes a 7-day trip, starting from tomorrow.
Southwest assumes a 4-day trip, starting from today.
United leaves all fields blank and throws an error without a return date.



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