I was initially very excited for Apple’s “force touch” option on the iPhone; although, that excitement quickly deflated when useful applications of force touch were few and far in between.  A lot of apps just did not utilize force touch –even Apple apps, which was disappointing!  (It was just recently, at the end of 2016/early 2017) that Apple Music FINALLY included useful actions with force touch on songs.)

The introduction of force touch made me think of other applications where saving clicks and accessing deeper-level actions would be pleasing for the user.  In the case of a desktop screen, an apt analogy of force touch might be a “hover over” that reveals deeper-level actions.

Eventbrite on desktop is a great case for accessing the deeper-level actions, such as “Print Tickets,” “Cancel Order,” and “Contact the Organizer” in the overview panel of events on hover-over, especially when there is the real estate!

As an end-user, I am rad about saving clicks, which makes me wonder –how much of a good user experience is about saving clicks?

Higher-level view with real estate to spare.
Deeper-level action buttons on the left panel, that should be accessible on the higher-level view.



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