Apple Siri

  • Product: Siri (iOS app)
  • Hardware: iPhone 6s
  • Problem: Siri cannot answer a string of related questions.
  • Solution: Siri should remember the previous question(s) and context in which the current question is asked.


User: “What is the lowest mountain on earth?”
Siri: (Shows internet search results for Mount Wycheproof, the lowest mountain on earth.)
User: “What is the highest?”
Siri: (Shows internet search results for the definition of the word, “highest.”)

User: “What is your favorite song?”
Siri: “I like whatever you like.”
User: “Why?”
Siri: “I don’t know. Frankly, I’ve wondered that myself.”

User: “Thanks.”
Siri: “You’re most certainly welcome.”


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