Trouble finding your way on Waze?

  • Product: Waze (iOS app)
  • Hardware: iPhone 6s
  • Problem: Car is in the center of the screen view, which gives a very small/short preview of future distances/road updates and includes a portion of the recently-travelled path.
  • Solution: Place the car intentionally on the screen, such as at the bottom/top/left/right-most location of the screen, depending on what is coming up next and how the user has set the orientation.  If the user is not oriented with North as “up,” then the car can almost always be placed at the bottom-most of the screen.  Alternatively, zoom out so the driver can see what’s up ahead earlier.
    Waze uses up to half the screen space to show the most recent driven path, which is irrelevant to the driver; the driver is only concerned with what is coming up next.

Here are two views of this issue:



I actually stopped using Waze for a good half year because of this screen view problem.  I noticed that Google Maps also puts the vehicle in the center –but I think they zoom out further so it’s not as interruptive in the user experience.


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